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your product. your brand.

your product

OCD systems, which stands for Organise Communicate Deliver is a white label manufacturing company, working closely with developers to create their own in-house, customised cabinetry range for volume based projects.


your team

110 dedicated people make up the OCD team, all focused on producing your product at volume and on time. specialist departments have been developed to handle all technical as well as operational aspects of the manufacturing process ensuring capacity and timing efficiency.

your factory

our factory environment consists of over 4000sqm of manufacturing capacity. using the latest industry 4.0 technologies to facilitate batch size one manufacturing at scale, we are able to meet your overall budget as well as timeline requirements.


the group

the ORDEGROUP of companies consists of blu_line, the niche luxury kitchen brand and nuuma, a premium kitchen brand, both servicing different segments of the market, with OCD systems serving the volume contracts market and twelve, our essential kitchen brand, serving the designer private market.

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